ClickIt Launches New Website!

With the cold weather approaching, ClickIt has launched a sizzling brand new website. Designed and developed in-house by ClickIt’s very own creative team, the site works great on all devices, including mobile and tablet.

Prior to the re-design, the Long Island Video Management System company's web presence had been long overdue for an update. Aesthetics however, were not the only aspect that the company wanted to improve on. ClickIt’s upper management sought a fresh, interesting and well thought out website that would present their company for what it really is; an all-encompassing, video management solution for all your business needs, whether they be corporate, retail or financial.

We here at ClickIt are proud of our new website and consider this to be just phase one of a broader digital initiative that will involve even larger and more exciting changes arriving in the very near future. So, keep posted and check back as new developments occur! Also, should you have any comments or just want to say ‘Hi’, click the button below to visit our contact page and send us a note, or e-mail us at

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