Mission: To provide advanced video technology and solutions that deliver value to all levels of an organization.

ClickIt is a New York based development and manufacturing company specializing in digital video management systems. The company has been developing solutions for the asset protection community for more than 15 years. ClickIt products are used by industry-leading corporations in many different businesses including: Retail, Banking, Manufacturing and more.

ClickIt was founded in 1999 as Engineering and Information Technology Company, providing IT consulting services primarily to retailers. By 2000, ClickIt recognized an opportunity for IT based security solution and began development of its first digital recording system. The first generation SmartCam digital video recorder was released the following year. These days ClickIt Inc. is considered a leading provider of video management solutions with over 90,000+ SmartCamXi systems installed in retail locations worldwide and Central Management System (CMS) managing over 20,000+ locations.

Today ClickIt is about more than just asset protection, it's about providing ways to analyze and use video across an organization. What began as a digital video management system has now become a business intelligence tool that is integral to security, safety, operations, marketing and beyond. Looking to the future, we will continue to develop our already advanced video management systems and keep driving them onwards. ClickIt is committed to providing value-added business solutions to its customers with distinct combination of security, technology and innovation.

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