MultiSite Xi

Whether it's a local VMS or across your entire organization, MultiSiteXi lets you connect to multiple ClickIt HVR/NVRs. MultiSiteXi has been designed with the same look and feel you have come to know with SmartCamXi security software.

Easily connect to multiple cameras from multiple locations using the connection manager.
Create customized views from your selected cameras with various arrangements to choose from.
Mobile Video

On the go? Download the free ClickIt Mobile app to view live and recorded video on a mobile device or tablet. Enjoy the convenience of remote access anytime, anywhere.

Supports Smartphones and tablets
  • Android
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • Windows
Check out the demo below of our Mobile App in action!
ClickIt Self-Healing

ClickIt Self-Healing stores a snapshot of the HVR/NVR configuration every time a configuration change is made. In the event of a failure, the configuration snapshot can be restored on a replaced VMS, making repair or replacement of units a quick and easy process.

HVR Snapshot sent to CMS Cloud everytime a configuration change is made.
Broken equipment is replaced.
Configuration snapshot is restored on the new VMS.