All ClickIt's SmartCamXi systems, whether they contain advanced features or not, are delivered with the following attributes.

Superior Ease of Use

Simple to set-up and install, Windows point and click, intuitive SmartCamXi application, built-in system manual for easy training.

Remote Client Connection

Easy to use Remote Client capabilities that can either take full control of the remote SmartCamXi unit and administer changes or limit the remote user to viewing live and recorded video.

Express Playback

Quickly review most recent video with one click of the mouse. Express Playback also plays video in Reverse Mode from the most recent video backwards.

Frame Viewer

Frame Viewer allows for quickly and easily finding that exact frame of video to be printed, emailed, or saved for later action.

Wide Camera Support

Featuring support for a wide range of analog (HVR only), megapixel and IP cameras from leading manufacturers including ONVIF compliant devices. Full integration of 360° camera dewarping technology.

Export Images and Video

Fast export of images and video to CD/DVD or external media provides quick and easy method to provide video evidence to loss prevention and authorities.

Self-Monitoring Diagnostics

SmartCamXi units are constantly monitoring themselves for hardware or software anomalies and proactively respond when required with either alerts or self correcting actions. Self-Monitoring Diagnostics greatly contributes to high system availability.

Network Bandwidth Throttle

The SmartCamXi system can be set to only utilize the prescribed level of Network Bandwidth allowed. This feature ensures that the SmartCamXi systems adhere to policies set by the network operations groups.

Built-in PTZ Control

Support for popular PTZ cameras removes the need for external PTZ joystick. PTZs can be controlled via the keyboard/mouse or from a remote location using the Remote Client software.

POS and ATM Support

Review POS and ATM transaction detail while displaying single- or multiple-camera angles of the device.

Flexible Recording Schedule

The SmartCamXi system has an easy-to-use, robust scheduling module that schedules by camera based on motion, trigger, motion and trigger, or continuous recording.

Storage Management System

Using the SmartCamXi Storage Management System, you will graphically view system storage status and individual camera statistics.

Fully Compatible with Onvif Standards