The Problem:

A top fortune 500 company in the northeast was faced with several employee related theft situations. About one year prior, the company was forced to build several off site locations to house their employees due to shortage of workspace at the main location. Unfortunately, over time, multiple employees began to take advantage of the situation of not being accounted for at these satellite locations. Soon enough theft of pay time, office equipment, and supplies were raised to dangerous proportions. The company needed a more robust solution than old technology had to offer, since they needed to interface with multiple systems of inventory, access, and payroll systems.

The Solution:

ClickIt initiated a meeting with the Loss Prevention, Human Resources, and IT departments so that all factors could be calculated and understood from ground the up. Immediately after IT gave the SmartcamXi NVR the stamp of approval, it was all green lights for network accessibility. Since they already had a private network with high-speed data connection to all locations, the only two things that were left to do after camera and NVR installation were the physical hookup to the inventory control system (contact connections), and the payroll clock systems (RS-232). The installer was requested to perform the installation off hours, as to not tip off the offending employees that corrective measures were being procured. ClickIt decided to train the groups separately since each group's goal covered slightly different aspects of the SmartcamXi system. Within three days of installation and training, several employees were immediately identified with the time theft issue, and fortunately most of the office equipment was recovered.

The Benefits:

  • Minimal training with new CCTV installer and customer reduced overall cost of installation
  • Remote site manageability enabled both maintenance and video viewing/burning from any distant location
  • Interoperability with multiple brands of EAS inventory control tags and time clock systems saved the customer time and money