Consulting Services

Video management systems today incorporate technology elements and require information technology infrastructure. With this convergence of security and IT, security projects now become a collaborative effort of both groups. With roots in both the physical security and IT world, ClickIt can advise in highly complex information technology environments where security is challenged to continue to manage their own technology.

Let ClickIt be the "middle man" for where your loss prevention and IT professionals meet.
Special Projects

ClickIt recognizes the need for management of special projects (i.e. software updates). We will manage the planning, implementation and coordination of special projects for your SmartCamXi video management systems. We can manage the special project end-to-end or we can act as an added assurance and provide expertise to complement your internal team.

Custom Software Updates
Focused Project Management
Specialized Troubleshooting
Managed Services

Let's work together. Our skilled support team and tech experts can help monitor and manage your ClickIt video solutions. Our managed services portfolio includes hosted Central Management, antivirus solutions, managed software updates and more. We can also offer custom managed services based on your specific requirements.

Effective Anti-Virus Solutions
Hosted Central Management Systems
Managed Software Updates